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From the Good in You for the Good of All

Healing the Planet as a Labour of Love.

Diving into this YouTube project with both feet. My goal is to have enough video recorded that I have deeply covered the work we have been doing in Canada by the end of the year. I am still growing tens of thousands of native plants, I can't get that out of my blood, and will be recording all of my nursery processes to offer to my patrons.

The work at Earth Connection Biological Reserve continues and Juan our Reserve Manager has been busy planting trees, building wildlife ponds and recording the ever-increasing diversity of flora and fauna that are appearing each year and as the forest recovers from cattle farming and logging. In the fall, once things open up for travel again, we will be focusing our filming on the Yucatan project and all the work that we have been doing there! Examples of our work there include other uses for biochar, compost toilet, propagating tropical species, food forest...

Really this is about empowering people. I may have been doing this work for decades and growing a half million plants a year. However, I also know that the effect of our projects is small compared to the great work of our time that needs to be done. We need to rebalance our relationship with nature and restore biodiversity on this planet. I can restore ecosystems but I can't do it alone and I can't restore enough alone to make a large enough impact. Thus, these videos are a knowledge transfer, giving you the skills, the support and the view needed to Heal the Planet. Our view is global. Each and every one of us can grow plants, heal soils, and restore biodiversity. Even in a pot on a balcony, you will make a difference. On a larger scale, we will come together to do great things!

If we all work together, we will make this planet a paradise.

I know we can.

Paul Morris

Check out the Intro video below to see what we have been doing!

More videos and info here:

Please Make a Contribution to our Patreon Campaign  
Your contribution is a Win/Win/Win! 
You learn how to Heal the Planet,
We share our wisdom with the you,
Ecosystems get restored,
Needed research gets done, 
We mentor more people!

 Offset Carbon Emissions,
​ Restore Tropical Forest,
​ Habitat for rare species,
 Research on Biodiversity   Conservation, Regenerative Systems   and Ecological Restoration
​ And much more...



David Morris and Elaine McGregor-Morris   100 Tonnes of Carbon

Christopher Luginbuhl                                    1 Tonne of Carbon

Cage Aaron                                                    Patreon supporter

Niels Pianzola

Anonymous Donations                                 15 Tonnes of Carbon

Corey Adkins                                                 Patreon supporter

In-Kind Donations

Cage Aaron - Volunteer

Michael P. Halle - Non-profit advisor

Caroline Aquino - Volunteer, Architecture design

Carlo Ochoa - Volunteer, Architecture design

Azamath Salas - Volunteer

Manuel Gonzalez - Non-profit legal advice

Participants in the Ecosystem Restoration Camp

40+ interns and volunteers!

4 Research interns!

Numerous other volunteers and friends have contributed time and expertise to move these projects forward!

Not to mention the countless unpaid hours that Paul, Sophia and Juan have contributed to managing and running the project and who have followed their passion to truly make this a tropical paradise rich in biological diversity. 

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See some of the work we have been doing!

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