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Carbon Credits

In one year a person needs to offset 18 tonnes of carbon. One may do this by planting 800 trees or 1.2 Ha (3 acres) of land.


By purchasing Carbon Credits you are helping us restore degraded land back to healthy biologically diverse ecosystems. We are currently creating an eco-reserve in the Yucatan and in our first year we planted 8 Ha (19 acres) of tropical forest and ran our first tropical forest ecosystem restoration camp. Help us restore more forest!


We ran an indiegogo campaign last year and successfully raised money to create a small nursery to grow trees for the first restoration project. We are now selling the carbon credits from the first 8 Ha we restored. This fast growing tropical forest will reclaim 3810 tonnes of carbon over the next 30 years. These funds will be used to restore more and more land!


If each person pays to offset 18 Tonnes of carbon we will offset 212 peoples carbon emissions for a year!


That’s only $180 to offset you emissions for the year. Taking action to make a better world is our responsibility.

That is only $10 per tonne of Carbon that we will recapture for you in our tropical forest restorations.

Gift it to Yourself, Gift it to a Friend, Gift it to a Child.

It is The gift that benefits all creatures on the planet!


A one time donation or An automatic monthly donation of your choosing, between a cup of tea and a good lunch!

That's only $15 / month to offset your carbon

- a coffee and a sandwich

All donations receive:

  A certificate acknowledging your contribution to our tropical forest restorations and the carbon you offset.

Acknowledgement of your contribution on our webpage and social media websites

All donations over 18 Tonnes of carbon receive a T-shirt!

Over 30 Tonnes receives a personal ecotour at Earth Connection Center

For details see our Patreon Campaign

Please Donate to our Patreon Campaign
Donating Money, Sharing or Offsetting your Carbon Emissions. Your Donations will help people doing good work!

 Offset Carbon Emissions,
​ Restore Tropical Forest,
​ Habitat for rare species,
 Research on regenerative systems
​ And much more...



David Morris and Elaine McGregor-Morris   100 Tonnes of Carbon

Christopher Luginbuhl                                    1 Tonne of Carbon

Cage Aaron                                                    5 Tonnes of Carbon

Niels Pianzola

Anonymous Donations                                 15 Tonnes of Carbon

In Kind Donations

Cage Aaron - Volunteer

Michael P. Halle - Non-profit advisor

Caroline Aquino - Volunteer, Architecture design

Carlo Ochoa - Volunteer, Architecture design

Azamath Salas - Volunteer

Manuel Gonzalez - Non-profit legal advice

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