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Our Projects 

Habitat destruction is the main cause of species loss worldwide. But it does not stop there. These losses impact humanity as well. Some areas of the world are so degraded that crops will not grow, water does not stay on the land and life is hard in these areas. By healing the land we not only benefit ecosystems but also all that need healthy ecosystems to survive, ourselves included.


Thanks to the sciences of restoration ecology and regenerative agriculture, we have the tools and knowledge that enable us to repair and recreate damaged ecosystems. Much needs to be done and learned to restore our planet to health thus we are partnering to undertake the needed research.

We are sharing many of our techniques from decades of doing this work on our YouTube Channel. 

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Ecological Restoration

Our first project is in association with Earth Connection Center Biological Reserve. The 40 ha property was a ranch and was highly degraded with mostly thorny pioneer tree species. We are be planting to restore the site to a diverse tropical forest.

In 2017 we ran our first Latin American Ecosystem Restoration Camp. We collected the seed and grew a diversity of tropical tree species with the help of many volunteers! During our first camp we planted 8Ha of Tropical Forest!. 

We continue to protect and restore the biological reserve adding native species and doing research on tropical restoration.

We are seeing many species of wildlife returning to the forest!

Carbon Sequestration

By restoring degraded land we are increasing biodiversity, combating climate change, restoring the water cycle and helping to alleviating poverty.

Tropical trees grow fast! One hectare will sequester 500 tons of carbon. Biochar and mulching are other ways we are incorporating carbon into the soil for long-term storage.

Regenerative Agriculture

Fundraising to expand our proof of concept out to other communities:


- Share regenerative agriculture techniques and our demonstration areas with         local landowners

- Expand our nursery to grow plants for other projects,

- Train local people to grow their own trees and do habitat restoration,

- Help other groups get funding for their projects.


We are just starting out and need your support to get things rolling. We plan to be able to restore hundreds of acres of tropical forest each year as our project gets rolling.


We are connecting with local and international universities and students to conduct innovative research on Biodiversity Conservation, Restoration Ecology and Regenerative Agriculture.


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