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Our Team. 

Networking with Planet Healers all over the world we are facilitating conversations between the people doing good work and yourself. Our aim is to generate funding for further projects, heal more of the planet and using a bottom up approach heal communities as well.

Restoration Ecologist M.Sc.

Paul Morris, an expert in the fields of ecology, botany, ecosystem restoration and gardening with native plants, is an engaging speaker who has presented at a wide variety of venues, including the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Society for Ecological Restoration. With over 27 years of experience, his depth of knowledge of native plants is inspiring and practical. Paul spent time with his father and grandfather landscape painting in his youth, these times fostered a passion for the outdoors and natural history. Later he completed his undergraduate degree at Waterloo University in biology and then went on to complete his Masters at Acadia University in Nova Scotia. His extensive experience in restoration ecology and conservation biology makes him a leader in the design and planting of restoration areas. He restored his 95-acre farm and completed numerous projects across Ontario, including Eco-parks, wastewater and stormwater ponds, and naturalization for private homeowners.

In Canada, he was a Project Manager for the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority restoring meadow ecosystems in a 200ha hydro corridor within the city of Toronto.

In Yucatan Mexico, he has spent 5 years restoring a 40ha biological reserve back to a tropical dry forest.

He is sharing his experiences on the Planet Healers YouTube channel.


Sophia Ortiz graduated in Agricultural Sciences from  Mexico. From an early age, she lived in a rural village surrounded by mountains in one of the areas of greatest species diversity, cloud forest.  Her high sensitivity in the arts, found an inexhaustible source of inspiration in nature. Upon completion of his studies in agronomy, specializing in ornamental horticulture, she spent time in nature looking at alternatives to the growing demand in floriculture and her interest in research allowed her to specialize in the field of ​​biotechnology and plant micropropagation.  She created the concept of Green Point Applied Plant Biotechnology, a company dedicated to the development of technologies for micropropagation systems. At that time, she collaborated to direct the tissue culture lab and the area of ​​ecology for one company over 10 years. She developed all the research and protocols for rescue, propagation and management of the wild species found. After that she decided to integrate Green Point area landscaping, vertical ecosystems and environmental technologies. This allowed her to simultaneously develop consultation and training in the biotechnology area and create artwork with vertical ecosystems.

Juan Manuel Ortiz

Project Manager

Graduated as an Engineer in Naval Sciences by the Heroic Military Naval School in Mexico, with a military degree as Lieutenant of the Frigate and with various studies in Financial Consulting from the ITESM Campus MTY, expert in Mechanical Engineering, Design of Power Systems, Operation and Maintenance of Turbines and Auxiliary Systems, Participant in Fleet Training Center, US NAVY, San Diego Cal.

After his long experience in the management of naval technology and for his great interest in the development of new technologies, he designs and patents a High-Efficiency, Electromagnetic Integral Power Generation System independent of conventional systems. In his long professional experience, he has distinguished himself as a born leader in the area of ​​finance, team management, project design and now Project Manager at Earth Connection Center.

Directing and Coordinating all projects of Clean Energies, Ecotechnologies, Sustainable Systems and training in the Development of Survival Skills in jungle.

His extensive knowledge in creating new technologies and his ability for diverse facilities, as well as nature observation has inspired him to develop new models for the care, protection and monitoring of flora and fauna species within the Reserve.



Join Our Team


Zoë is passionate about filmmaking and video editing. Since graduating high school she has worked growing plants in a nursery and in her own yard!

She is a regular visitor to Earth Connection Biological Reserve.

Always eager to give something back she enjoys working on our YouTube videos and

crafting our social media outreach. 

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