In healing our land we heal ourselves. Learning to lead by example for this is the way to change the world.


Habitat destruction is the main cause of species loss worldwide. We are going to the root and tackling the cause of biodiversity loss.

Help us to heal the planet!


We have established a tropical home base in the Yucatan 20 minutes south of Merida and at the Whole Village Ecovillage in Canada.


Nurseries are set up and growing 1000s of tropical and temperate trees to restore the property degraded by years of overgrazing. We will be enhancing the biodiversity on these properties and using them as a showpieces for further projects and as learning centers.


Carbon Credits Plant Tropical  and Temporate Forest!


Patreon Campaign Launched!

From the Good in You for the Good of All


Healing the Planet as a Labour of Love.

Get Involved

We are currently looking for interns to help at Earth Connection Center in the Yucatan.

We are always looking for people willing to extend beyond themselves and help heal the planet.

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8 Ha of tropical forest planted!

An excellent start help usl do more!!!

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Interns helping in the nursery