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YouTube Videos Restoring Ecosystems and Regenerative Living 



YouTube videos are a knowledge transfer, giving you the skills, the support and the view needed to Heal the Planet. Our view is global. Each and every one of us can grow plants, heal soils, and restore biodiversity. Even in a pot on a balcony, you will make a difference. On a larger scale, we will come together to do great things!

If we all work together, we will make this planet a paradise.

I know we can.


We have established a tropical home base in the Yucatan Jungle and in Canada.


Nurseries are set up and growing 1000s of tropical trees to restore the biological reserve degraded by years of overgrazing. Over the last 5 years we have been enhancing the biodiversity on this property and share our techniques for further projects and in our learning center.

Youtube Channel Launched subscribe to see how to heal the planet

Each contribution is a Win/Win/Win! 
You learn how to Heal the Planet,
We share our knowledge with the world,
Ecosystems get restored,
Needed research gets done, 
We mentor more people!

Youtube Channel launched 


Subscribe and share our work and our techniques to heal the planet!

Patreon Campaign Launched!

Get Involved

We are currently looking for research partners, fundraisers, cheerleaders and interns to help expand our work on ecosystem restoration, biodiversity and regenerative agriculture at

Earth Connection Center in the Yucatan.

We are also partnering with the Ecosystem Restoration Camp movement to host camps!

We want to take what we have learned over decades out into the community.

Be a Planet Healer!

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Upcoming Videos!

We have a whole bunch of new videos in production and they will be released soon:

Wildlife ponds - build and considerations


How to Propagate Native Plants with a Seed Master

Propagating Wild Plants and Greenhouse Tour

Banana Pits

Inexpensive Drip Irrigation System

Compost Toilet design

Bamboo growing

Beavers as habitat engineers

Biochar followup

Cenote ecosystem

Center tour

Boreal forest

Cliff Species

Sand dune restoration

Food forest tour

Garden Tour

Nursery tour

Greywater system

Jungle threats

Invasive species

Machete Use

Old growth forest characteristics


Prairie potholes

Rainwater harvesting

Solar and wind energy system

Seed Collection

Seed processing

Seed stratification

Woodland restoration

Collecting ideas for new videos so if you have any let us know!


1000s of plants grown and planted!

An excellent start help us do more!!!

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